Monday, 3 February 2014

Elvis bestest books number seven

The Two Kings by AJ Jacobs 

In 1974, according to his hairdresser, Elvis said he believed he was Jesus Christ. This beauteous blasphemy of a book highlights the ‘uncanny’ similarities between Elvis and Jesus. ‘Jesus was a carpenter’ it states. Then: ‘Elvis majored in woodwork.’ Both Elvis and Jesus, of course, made famous, unexpected comebacks. Jesus, in Jerusalem to Mary Magdalene, three days after his apparent death on Calvary. Elvis, in Burbank, to millions of TV viewers five years after his apparent artistic death in Hollywood. 

A better worked and more plausible conceit than Don DeLillo’s in White Noise which is, essentially: Elvis and Hitler, they were both Mama’s boys.

Now Buy the absolute bestest Elvis book, mine, Essential Elvis. PS It's cheap, only £1.99 as download. Buy it. Buy it now. Don't take my word for it. Just ask yourself what would Elvis do? Or Jesus. Or both . . .

Next Elvis goes to college. Or, at least, college goes to Elvis.

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