Monday, 30 April 2012

Something for everyone . . . Well, most of us

I realised that, over time, I'd built something of a horde of links to interesting (or stupid) stuff that I'd meant to post. So here they are . . .

One Never again will you be able to say Italian pop doesn't have something to offer the world.

Two Think of all the people in the world you would rely on to steer you in the direction of a good bottle of wine. Thought it through? Right, you must have come to the same conclusion as you'll find here: ask that dirty, smelly, long-haired blog in the corner of the bar with a Marlboro Red in one hand and the fruit machine in the other. That's right. Fine wines the Lemmy way.

Three If in 1974, you'd asked some an old bloke in a suit about the future of computing for the 21st century, how good would his guessing be? What if he were the bloke who wrote 2001?
Four Something completely daft (and promotional) about Pringles. The ones you wear, that is, not the ones you eat.

Five Just admit it. You know you always wanted to learn how to dance like a Goth . . .

Six If only this really was how you flew into Heathrow, every time.

See you soon . . .