Monday, 10 February 2014

Elvis best books number twelve
The Truth About Elvis by Jess Stearn with Larry Geller
I put this in for two reasons. One, a book written by a hairdresser-cum-spiritual-adviser is simply irresistible — its vulgarity is its grace. Two, it has this fabulously stupid painting of Elvis on the cover. Double-breasted, four-button-show white suit with lapels the size of albatross wings and flares as wide as the Pacific. With the sun doing service as a halo behind his head, Elvis looks down, humbly, and stretches out his hands like Jesus gathering up his flock. The final touch is the flash of lightning running from his right hand down into the clouds: part reference to the famous Michelangelo painting and art echo of the 1970s Elvis logo, Taking Care of Business — In A Flash.

Here's Larry and Elvis, early and late period . . .

Next The book I referred to more than any other . . . written by a Doors fan of a Dane.

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