Monday, 16 December 2013

P is for publishing

I checked how many Elvis books are available from Amazon. Nearly 7,000 — though, obviously, some will be various editions of the same book. The British Library holds more than 400 Elvis books. Among them, naturally, are reference books — invaluably helpful I’ve found them, too. There are also well-known biographies and memoirs by former lovers, bodyguards, his nurse and a fellow soldier. There are personal narratives — Elvis Is Dead And I Don’t Feel Too Good Myself. 

There are recipe books (for peanut butter fans only.) There is fiction such as Zip Six: A Novel. Under ‘conspiracy theories‘ there is Top Secret: The Untold Story Of Elvis Presley’s Secret FBI Files and several others. 

There are a surprising number of academic texts such as The Inner Elvis: A Psychological Biography Of Elvis Aaron Presley Vol 1 and Elvis (American Structural Readers: Stage 1). 

Others are even more specialised, to say the least — The Day Elvis Met Nixon, say, or Elvis Presley Calls His Mother After The Ed Sullivan Show or Did Elvis Sing In Your Hometown?

Some must be a joke but, on the other hand, just might not be — The Gospel Of Elvis: Containing The Testament And Apocrypha Including All The Greater Themes Of The King has to come in that category, as does Elvis For President: Committee To Elect The King and, I guess, Alien Pregnant By Elvis. Others are just plain baffling — Elvis In Aspic, for instance.

Tomorrow Elvis answers a couple of questions

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