Sunday, 8 December 2013

H is for Harrelson

Woody Harrelson, actor and Elvis fan. His life story sounds like it just climbed out of a Jerry Lee Lewis song. It’s possible that there is very little character acting in his portrayals of a (very) simple country boy in the TV sitcom Cheers or a sleaze-pit of a pornographer in The People Vs Larry Flynt. He was the son of a bible-bashing Presbyterian mother and father who was a Texan good ol’ boy turned contract killer and received two life sentences in 1979. 

Woody’s first acting role was the Elvis impression he used to impress his classmates at school. Like Jerry Lee himself, Harrelson went for a dual career path — studying theology and chasing women. At one time, he reckoned he was racking up three women a day. ‘I was like a kid in a candy store.’ Like Elvis, he later found solace in the spiritual, doing yoga eight hours a day. 

Another actor, Eddie Murphy, is an even bigger Elvis fan. But, for an obvious reason, it’s unlikely he’ll be playing Elvis in any biopic. Mr Murphy is from New York, you see.

Tomorrow Elvis and I

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