Thursday, 5 December 2013

E is for Enquirer

Elvis was one of the tabloid National Enquirer magazine’s main men. Before his death, it ran a five-part version of the Elvis — What Happened? revelations. It also paid Elvis’ cousin Bobby Mann $75,000 to take a secret photograph of Elvis in his coffin — though some say Elvis looks too young in it for it to be anything but a fake. It was published on the cover dated 6 September, 1977. The sales of that issue were a record-breaking 6.5 million.

A year later, on 20 September, 1977, the Enquirer also published the final photograph of Elvis alive — taken on the eve of his death by a fan as he drove into Graceland at 12.28am.

Some of the many Elvis appearances in the National Enquirer . . .

Tomorrow I breakfast like a king, in the king's chair - well, close enough anyway.

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