Saturday, 22 December 2012

Xmas compilation track listing

As ever, there is an Xmas selection. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue (only in the musical sense, this year). There is also a little new year and a touch of hannukah.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog about my rules for putting an Xmas compilation together.  I had twenty rules in all. This year, I have broken ten of them at least. Which were? Well, there is no Elvis, no Phil Spector, no White Christmas, no world music, no sexual revelation, nothing ethnic, no English folk, no reconsideration of a seemingly nauseating classic, no country music, nothing that would offend sensible opinion by its obviousness or the singer's identity.

So which ones didn't I break? 

Rule three The first track must be a familiar one . . . Well, this year's, Christmas Island, is fairly familiar.

Rule four Many, if not all, the best Christmas songs are about sadness, loss, separation and inevitability of death . . . Well, maybe not death but River is about loss and separation.

Rule six Many, if not all, the best Christmas songs are about family — its realities as well as its fantasies . . . See Xmas.

Rule nine There should be unfamiliar versions of familiar songs . . . See
Silent Night and, perhaps, River. Also even, Van Morrison's Santa Claus.

Rule ten There should be at least one quite unfamiliar new(ish) tunes. See Xmas, I'm Dreaming, Van Morrison's Santa Claus, Home For The Holidays.

Rule fourteen There should be something by Bing Crosby or Johnny Mercer . . . See Marshmallow World.

Rule fifteen There should be one or more example of the wonderful world of US black Christmas pop . . . A bit of a stretch as it wasn't a hit etc but see Riverside Drive.

Rule sixteen There should be wit . . . There's a lot of that this year. See, again, Riverside Drive. Also I'm Dreaming.

Rule nineteen There should be something that sounds like it was recorded in a cornflake factory . . . Listen to Happy New Year.

Rule twenty There should be something by a girlie indie singer with an off-putting name and shtick which is nonetheless surprisingly enticing . . . See Christmas Song, Home For The Holidays and Xmas.

I guess I have to add a few new rules, though . . .

Rule twenty-one It should reach beyond Xmas. See Happy New Year, 'Twas The Night Before Hannukah, The Latke Song.

Rule twenty-two The genuine believers should have a shake. Christmas Prayer, When Jesus Was Born, Did You Spend Christmas Day In Jail?

Anyway, here is the tracklisting.
2 Marshmallow World Bing Crosby
3 Skating Vince Guaraldi
4 It Must Be Christmas Gerry Mulligan & Judy Holiday
5 Xmas Shelby Lynne
6 River Tracey Thorn
7 I'm Dreaming Randy Newman
8 When Jesus Was Born Sons Of Heaven
9 A Christmas Prayer Solomon Burke
10 How I Hate To See Xmas Come Around (Christmas Blues) Jimmy Witherspoon
11 Christmas On Riverside Drive August Darnell
12 Getting Ready For Christmas Day Paul Simon
13 Christmas Song Jenny Owen Youngs
14 Home For The Holidays Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler
15 Silent Night Slow Club
16 Van Morrison's Santa Claus Rich Chambers
17 Happy New Year Lighnin' Hopkins
18 The Latke Song (Live) Debbie Friedman
19 Twas the Night Before Chanukah Stanley Adams and Sid Wayne
20 Did You Spend Christmas Day In Jail? Rev. J.M. Gates
21 Holiday I.D Lou Reed 

I might do some sleevenotes etc. I might not. I'll let you know next week.

If you didn't get an email inviting you to download the tracks from Dropbox, drop me an email or put a comment on this page and I'll send you a link. 

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Lo Jardinier said...

Thanks as ever. Downloaded. Played. Shared. Enjoyed.
Happy new year to you and yours.