Monday, 16 July 2012

London Calling. In nine parts. Part one

Now, I do have a long-standing interest in (and knowledge about) The Clash’s London Calling. As some of you know, it was my mobile ringtone for a long time — causing very loud smiles when it went off in public meetings etc.

But, really, British Airways? What do you think you are on about?  Using it as a promo teaser for Olympics time?

Let me parse the lyrics line by line, one line at a time over the next few days . . . .

1. London Calling to the faraway towns

Okay, nothing too controversial there. Just a take on the original BBC call sign. (Actually, it wasn’t the BBC. It was its predecessor but I won’t bother you with the technicalities right now. Nor will I introduce essential elements of that story — such as Noel Coward, ‘the girl with the silver syringe’ and the oddly quiet funeral of the Duke of Kent, after his death in a plane crash, in which he had a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist.)

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