Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nineteen . . .

19 Jesus was a Dreidel Spinner Jill Sobule

Yet another Jew. Yet another personal story. I think of Jill Sobule as my favourite lesbian. She’s certainly my favourite lesbian singer songwriter.

I saw her play, once, in a club in west London. Despite the fact that she’d had a long career and had written some great songs, the audience was tiny. She could have done the show in my sitting room. Even most of those who were seemed to be A&R men waiting for the next act.

She was the complete trouper, though, performing as if it were the Albert Hall. When she’d finished, I think she had to leave the stage by stepping into the audience. I felt I should go over and tell her how great she’d been and how much I admired her songwriting. But I didn’t, of course.

When I left the club, I tripped over a step, bashed my knee and left myself limping for a month or two.

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