Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Lucky thirteen?

13 Cold Dark Night Sam Phillips

Written and sung by a woman with the same name as the man who discovered Elvis Presley but who first found fame as a Christian (ie evangelical) singer, with the same name as a British comic actor, Leslie Phillips. 

She claims she got out of her Christian label contract by invoking its ‘immoral behaviour’ clause, telling them she’d slept with someone. ‘Everyone was doing it, but you weren't supposed to say it. It was hilarious to see the executives' faces. They were so terrified I would talk publicly about it that they let me go.’

She married T-Bone Burnett, creator of the Coen Brothers’ movie soundtrack — she sings back-up on it. That's them in the picture. Together, they toured as support for Elvis Costello. She wrote and recorded this around the time her marriage broke up. I think they still get along, though. One of her songs, Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us, made its debut on Robert Plant’s T-Bone produced 2007 album, Raising Sand.

She has also done a little acting. She played a mute terrorist in Die Hard With A Vengeance. It’s easy to spot her. She’s the one who is Jeremy Irons’ lover and says . . .

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