Monday, 25 July 2011

Hackety hack

Last autumn, an American friend, a US TV news man in London, told me I should read the New York Times article on what was going on at News International. You won’t believe it, he said. It’s really serious, much worse than I realised. You really should read it.

I didn’t. I kept meaning to. But I didn’t.

Then the other day, I did. My friend was right. I should have read it before. It tells the story clearly and directly and devastatingly without ever spoiling its pitch by joining the Guardian on its high horse cantering across the moral high ground.

Read it here. It’s long, really long, but worth it. In a fun way.

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Lo Jardinier said...

I read it - yes, it is worth it, a calm and clear account of how things stood up until last year. Now the story has moved on to the lies and cover-ups, which will maybe entail greater scandals and resignations - so long as the story still has legs.
As someone whose political opinions tend towards the anarchist, I agreed with a lot Felicity Lawrence had to say today about the bigger picture:
I was surprised that when I heard her speak at the Lodeve festival last week, Natacha Atlas had almost the same analysis. With the transnational corporations committing the additional crime, in her eyes, of not wanting to finance another Natacha Atlas album.