Sunday, 17 April 2011

Wonders of the modern world, number eight . . . The pubs of Penzance

A mid-week mid-morning at the Seven Stars, Parade St, Penzance. Like sign, like boozer. The Penwith take on the gastropub concept. Behind the gate is the covered smoking area — bigger, nautrally than the pub itself.

By the way, Parade St is not a place for a parade. It's barely a street. More an alley with pretensions. Anorexics have to breathe in if they pass in it.

Some fun?

Nick Lowe and his Kippington Lodge were probably the first pop group I saw live — they were the local band. Go here and you'll hear Nick talk about that band — and an evening in a Manhattan broom cupboard with a Keith Richards freshly sprung from pokey. Lowe's anecdotalism has been described — by him, I think — as mile-melters, ie they make long journeys pass in bliss. I listened to this podcast while walking round the park with my dog. If anyone spotted me laughing out loud and gave me a wide berth, they will now know the reason for my public amusement. (PS It's Word podcast 168.)

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