Monday, 31 January 2011

The delight of alleys etc

One Further to my posting about Billy Fury Way in West Hampstead, a friend who knows wrote to tell me that it used to be known as Spider Gang Alley in the 1980s. It was where skinheads with a spider web tattooed on them would hang out and ‘waylay unsuspecting folk and ask for a 'loan' when their supply of glue ran out’.

Two My Occitanian connection tells me of a Salubrious Passage. He says it’s a little back road by Swansea Docks. I say it’s a suggestive line from an Ian Dury song.

Three I discovered there’s a Potteries Path near Billy Fury Way. I must have a look.

Next up Bastard sons and drinking fountains


Lo Jardinier said...

Never one to follow the crowd, eh? The world's eyes glued on Tahrir Square and you're ducking down the alley again.
And do you mean that some Ian Dury lines are NOT suggestive?

Peter Silverton said...

i suppose the alley thing links with the courbet thing . . .

some ian dury lines are not suggestive, yes - because they don't even bother to suggest, just state