Friday, 5 November 2010

Wonders of the modern world, number four

There, on a council estate, in the bit of north London which has stopped being Camden Town and has not quite become Kentish Town, there, just off the main road, slap in the middle of that estate, is a crazy golf course. It's an official one, with all the tricky little holes and tunnels and slopes you get in a seaside amusement park. It even has a sign on it, saying something like: this golf course is for the residents of this estate and their guests.

A crazy golf course on a council estate? I stretch to even imagine the meeting at which that was discussed and agreed. What was said? Could anyone keep a straight face? Did they say things like: swings and roundabouts are so 20th century! Or: it's a narrative which addresses the middle-class hegemony of golf. Or: nothing is too good for council tenants, they deserve a crazy golf course.

I guess that I could, of course, call up someone at Camden council and ask them but, frankly, I'm happier with my musings than I might be with the facts.

I walk past it fairly often and I've yet to see anyone playing on it, though. I've always fancied having a go but the problem is there is nowhere to rent golf clubs for it. Now there's a business opportunity going begging.

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Lo Jardinier said...

Tales of relations between councils and their tenants would fill a book. In a Welsh village near mine, councillors noticed young people just hanging about by the bus stop and suggested a Youth Club. Luckily they did a Survey. No thanks, said the kids, but we'd like some windproof panels in our bus shelter...

Peter Silverton said...

the youth club is the ultimate groucho of a club, isn't it . . . the indication of a wasted youth - when you could be hanging out drinking cider etc, getting really bored etc etc (not, of course, that i have any personal experience of either)