Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The finals curtain

So I got my results. I passed. I can now put new letters after my name — if I were so disposed, which I’m not.

How does it feel?

Like a real achievement. But, inevitably, a bit empty, too.

I’ll write more about this very soon.

Next up More on exams, my dissertation and finishing the course


Jane said...


Just read today in Journal of Medical Ethics about students using nootropic drugs to enhance their performance and get them through exams. Like elite athletes. Or racehorses. They might soon face routine urine testing apparently. Seriously. (It's not April 1st, is it?) Just thought you'd like to know there is a shortcut...

Peter Silverton said...

i did seriously think about taking drugs for the exams just to see what effect they would have and write about it — i am, of course, not denying the possibility that i have already done exams under the influence

Lo Jardinier said...

Well done. Of course I never doubted it, but some academics can't recognise quality when they see it. Thanks for sharing the interesting bits on this blog too.

Peter Silverton said...

everyone seems to be telling me they didn't doubt i'd pass (and get the good result i did)

to start with, i felt: thanks for not recognising all that effort

then i thought: so that's what people think of me . . . which was a nice thought