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Now that's what I call (filthy english) music

I decided that those of you who weren't at the launch party might be interested in the tracklist of its soundtrack. So here it is. The page numbers refer to pages in the book. The photograph was taken outside 55 5th Avenue, NY NY and refers to . . .

1 Shave ‘Em Dry Lucille Bogan

‘. . . in a studio above 5th Avenue, sometime on Wednesday, 19 July 1933, a thirty-seven-year-old black woman gathered herself together, stepped up to the microphone and began to sing.’ (page 181)

2 Mother Fuyer Dirty Red (with Bob Dylan)
‘Born in 1916 and widowed in 1968, Beatty Zimmerman has only ever given one interview, in 1999, to her (and her son’s) hometown paper, the Duluth News. She told the reporter: ‘One thing Bob does like, and I know he hates the publicity, but I know you have to write something nice – and everybody likes a good recipe – he does like chicken every way.’(page 134)

3 F**K Off (Dirty Rooster) Slim Gaillard
‘Asterisks were established by the early eighteenth century. The word is from the Latin asteriscum, little star – as we acknowledge when we refer to the exam result A* as an A-star rather than an A-asterisk. It’s derived from an early printers’ symbol used to mark dates of birth.’ (page 259)

4 Don’t F**k Around With Love The Blenders

‘In 1953, Joe Davis (label owner, producer, all-round music business hustler) had a bright idea for the Blenders, a New York doo-wop group who’d been together since church choir. They’d cut a track called Don’t Mess Around with Love. He got them to recut it as Don’t Fuck Around with Love, then slipped this dirty version on the sly to dee-jays so they’d play the original, clean one on their shows. The promo scam didn’t work.’ (page 186)

5 The Rotten Cocksuckers Ball The Clovers

‘In 1953, the Clovers, turned up for a session at their record label Atlantic’s central Manhattan studio. They told their label boss and producer Ahmet Ertegun that they wanted to record something of their own this time. The engineer set the tape rolling. The tune was The Darktown Strutters’ Ball – a 1917 song which some claim was the very first jazz recording ever made. The Clovers sang it acappella. Only the words were different.’ (page 186-7)

6 Think Twice (Version X) Jackie Wilson & Lavern Baker

‘Then there’s the version of Think Twice cut in Philadelphia, in 1966, by Jackie Wilson and Lavern Baker, for Brunswick records – a Mafia-controlled label, as it happens.’ (page 187)

7 Cocksucker Blues Rolling Stones

‘From the period when schoolboys would hang around the railings around Piccadilly Circus waiting to be picked up,’ said my informant. ‘Certain people from Rocket Records were rumoured to be regular customers.’ (page 191)

8 Fucking Ada (edit) Ian Drury & The Blockheads
‘Ian himself could, as it happens, be a complete and utter arsehole. Also a bastard, a fucking cunt and a prick. Even by the standards of pop stars.’ (page 180)

9 Too Drunk To Fuck Dead Kennedys
‘I flicked through this iTunes fuck list, casually looking out for names I recognized. I found Amy Winehouse (Fuck Me Pumps), Arctic Monkeys (Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys), Babyshambles (Fuck Forever), John Lennon (When in Doubt, Fuck It), P. J. Harvey (Who the Fuck?), the Super Furry Animals (The Man Don’t Give a Fuck), Ryan Adams (Fuck the Universe), the Dead Kennedys (Too Drunk to Fuck and Nazi Punks Fuck Off) and Portishead (Music to Fuck To).' (page 193)

10 Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole Martha Wainwright

‘A daughter’s view of her father, in which the usage is factual rather than metaphorical.’ (page 193)

11 Ashes KT Tunstall

‘These, of course, are just the fucks and cunts that appear on the label or tracklist. The iTunes search engine doesn’t find deliberate misspellings – Kunt and the Gang of Basildon, Essex, for example. Nor does it find lyrics. So no ‘Arseholes, bastards, fucking cunts and pricks’. No ‘fucking peasants’. No ‘Fuck you, little princess’ from St Andrews, Scotland, either. (page 194)

12 Fuck Was I Jenny Owen Youngs
And no ‘What the fuck was I thinking?’ from Montclair, New Jersey.

13 Flower Liz Phair

Nor ‘I’ll fuck you like a dog’, and ‘I’ll fuck you till your dick is blue’. (page 194)

14 Cunts Are Still Running The World Jarvis Cocker
‘When Jarvis Cocker wrote and recorded this, he didn’t put it on his new album but on his MySpace page. He edited its title, too, cutting it down to Running the World.’ (page 73)

15 Fuck Tha Police N.W.A.

‘Some familiar names. Dr Dre’s Fuck You, Eminem’s Just Don’t Give a Fuck, NWA’s Fuck tha Police . . .’ (page 193)

16 I Wanna Fuck You Dirty Snoop Dogg
‘. . . Snoop Dogg’s I Wanna Fuck You, Lil Wayne’s Fuck the World, Peaches’ Fuck the Pain Away . . .’ (page 193)

17 Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) Eamon
‘In 2004, the British charts were topped by Eamon’s Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) . . .' (page 194)

18 Fuck You Right Back Frankee
‘. . . which was then knocked off that spot by its answer, Frankee’s Fuck You Right Back.' (page 194)

19 Bitches Ain’t Shit Dr Dre

‘As Dr Dre of NWA once remarked ‘niggganigganigga fuckthisfuckthat bitchbitchbitch suckmydick’. (page 193)

20 Bitches Ain’t Shit Ben Folds
‘Quiet, reflective, piano-led recasting.’ (page 194)

21 I Like to Fuck Young Hot Rod
‘Porn star Tila Tequila’s contribution to the Young Hot Rod track includes her promise to perform oral intercourse ‘until I hurl’. (page 193)

22 Winin’ Boy Blues, Pt. 1 Jelly Roll Morton
‘Winin’ Boy was Mr Morton’s other nickname and the song was his theme tune. Its title was a reference to a certain pelvic motion at which he had attained particular virtuosity – or at least said he had.’ (page 186)

23 Fuck Christmas Eric Idle
‘In 2004, the FCC fined Eric Idle $5000 for saying fuck on an American radio station. He responded with a Noel Cowardish song, Fuck You Very Much – a title shared with the similarly jaunty 2008 ringtone chart-topper by Lily Allen.’ (page 193)

24 The Shag (Is Totally Cool) Billy Graves
‘Shag (1788) is perhaps a variant on shake – as also may be the American dance with the same name which, to much trans-Atlantic amusement, has been around at least since the early 1930s.’ (page 36)

Next up (tomorrow) On the couch with Mrs Klein (and her two daughters), five times a week (for one week only).

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